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supplier for Nordic customers.


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We transform raw materials into durable structural steel constructions


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Umega Nordic UAB is a durable structural steel manufacturer providing design, production, delivery and assembly services for Nordic customers.


Umega Nordic holds the exclusive right to market and sell structural steel products produced by Umega AB.

Founded in 1919, Umega AB now is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the Baltics:

~700 employees;

~EUR 26 million turnover;

Umega AB consists of four departments:

- Structural Steel and Agricultural Machinery Department – contract manufacturing of structural steel products and agricultural machinery (trailers, semi-trailers, etc.);

- Contract Manufacturing Department - metal processing (sheet metal, tubes, welding, mechanical processing, surface preparation).

- Ovens and Furnaces Department - laboratory ovens and furnaces, industrial ovens and furnaces, thermal insulation materials;

- Domestic Heating Equipment and Stoves Department - boilers, stoves, sauna stoves, wood cookers.






EN 1090-1

EN 1090-2